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Our Domestic Cleaners in Tenby

Are you looking for Domestic Cleaning Services in Tenby? Our domestic cleaners in Tenby provide excellent cleaning services in this area and beyond. There are many different reasons to use our cleaning and de-cluttering services. Some people might have mobility challenges and therefore need support. Other people have very busy lifestyles or simply wish to focus their time on other things. If you find yourself in any of these situations (or you just prefer to have your own cleaner!) contact us for Domestic Cleaning Services in Tenby today!

Our Domestic Cleaning Services in Tenby

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Domestic Cleaning

Our Domestic Cleaning Services in Tenby can be scheduled into weekly, fortnightly, or monthly visits. What’s more – we also offer deep cleaning too. Therefore, depending on your requirements you can contact us to discuss, carpet cleaning, windows (inside and out), deep oven cleaning, etc.

Property Rentals

Our domestic cleaners in Tenby also provide end-of-tenancy cleaning to landlords or tenants. And please don’t worry if the property is empty – even easier to clean! Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can come over to clean the place from top to bottom!

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Vacant Property Checks

Vacant property checks are exactly what they say on the tin! Imagine you are outside the area (or in another country) and you wish to have a vacant property checked over. Well, guess what – we offer this service too! This is typically used to satisfy insurance policies and also provides people with a good peace of mind too!

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Fogging Services

Our fogging services which are perfect if you’re looking to thoroughly disinfect your home. What’s more, this service removes 99.9% of bacteria and viruses – including COVID-19. This is something to consider once in a while, or maybe if you have health concerns and cleanliness is a priority for you.

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At Netlet Housekeeping, we appreciate that not everyone has time in their life or fortune in health to be de-cluttering their homes. So don’t worry! We can also help you with this too! You would be surprised how many of us gain clutter over a period of time – it just creeps up on us one day doesn’t it!

More about our Domestic Cleaning Services in Tenby

At Netlet we are ready to restore your place to great condition. If your property has lost its way you may wish to use our deep cleaning services in Tenby. Or maybe it is something you just want to keep on top of – we will be there for you.

Quality Domestic Cleaning Services in Tenby

We take pride in being a local domestic cleaning business dedicated to serving the Tenby community. We are professionals who love what we do, which is why we’re so good at it! Our friendly staff is thorough and reliable, with years of experience handling all kinds of cleaning jobs, including kitchens, bathrooms, moving-out cleanings, and more. We make sure that every inch of your place is cleaned from top to bottom so that you feel comfortable in your own home. We also offer particular services upon requests like de-cluttering before we start cleaning so we can make sure everything gets taken care of during our visit. Let us know what exactly you need so we can go over everything before the work commences.

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Domestic Cleaning Services in Tenby FAQ

This section of the page has been added to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about our Domestic Cleaning Services in Tenby. But don’t worry, if you have a question and it is not listed below (no matter how small), don’t hesitate to call us for a quick chat.

When companies refer to domestic cleaning, what does this generally mean?

In short, any type of home cleaning is domestic cleaning. However, as you can see from this webpage there are many different services within domestic cleaning. For example we offer deep cleans, which can be the whole of a property or certain rooms (or even certain parts like an oven or carpet clean). When you contact us, we can discuss any type of domestic cleaning service that might be useful as a one-off or regular service.

Should I supply your domestic cleaner in Tenby with certain cleaning products?

If you have never used a domestic cleaning service before, you are unlikely to know the answer to this question! We appreciate that don’t worry! It is actually standard practice for the cleaning company to supply their own cleaning products. Unless you have something very specific in mind and then you must tell us in advance so that we can look to accommodate your needs. At this point it is also good to note that equipment such as hoovers, mops and buckets are generally supplied by you (or the person we are cleaning for). The reason we tend not to supply cleaning equipment is to avoid contamination between properties. However, if you don’t have equipment in your possession just tell us up front and we can look to be equipped for the job in hand!

Is it common to use cleaning schedules?

Firstly, if you’re wondering what a cleaning schedule is, let us explain. A cleaning schedule is a document that is used to plan and tick off cleaning tasks. These are used so that cleaning companies can keep track of time and progress. On a cleaning schedule you also often have colour coded information about particular products and/or equipment. Then also at the bottom of the schedule or in a table format, they will be a place to sign against the actions carried out. At Netlet these are often used in domestic cleaning and commercial cleaning depending on the complexity of the job.

I have a few questions before I take up your services…

If you have a few questions, maybe the cleaning services are for a loved one who is in need of support. Don’t worry, we understand. Call us with any questions that you have and we will either leave you to ponder or come up with the most suitable plan. (So you will be quoted in advance of the work starting.) But don’t worry if you only require a one-off cleaning service at this point, our services are tailored to your needs.

When will I likely receive a bill?

The billing for domestic cleaning in Tenby is at the end of the month. Payment can be taken via BACS.

I contacted Netlet Housekeeping on very short notice and required a housekeeper to help organise my home. I am a working mum and needed a helping hand, I had a quote and a housekeeper arrive that same day.

A lovely housekeeper called Helen came and helped me organise and clean my home. Helen even went as far as to help me put away and organise my washing. Thanks so much for going that extra mile for me.

Georgia Richardson

Fabulous company and great people. You will not find a member of the team who is not helpful and easy to communicate with. Highly recommended.

Jennifer Wheeler

Very professional company. All of the staff are very friendly & pricing is extremely well priced for the service they deliver. Couldn't recommend enough. They really will go above and beyond for their customers.

Joe Izod

I was let down by my original cleaners very last minute and needed a cleaner ASAP. I phoned and spoke to a lovely lady named Emma who was extremely helpful, and answered all of my questions. They sent a manager out to quote my property that same morning and I had a cleaner in that afternoon. The clean was done to a very high standard and at a very good price rate. I would confidently recommend them and will now be using them weekly for the foreseeable future.

Mrs M Lewis