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    Medical and Healthcare Cleaning Services

    Our medical cleaning service creates a clean and safe environment for your employers, staff, and patients. NetLet housekeeping focuses on increasing workplace hygiene and productivity while adhering to all health and safety standards. Our discrete and professional team can work out-of-hours to ensure you are not disrupted and use our sanitisation protocol to limit the chances of cross-contamination in your facilities. 

    Our healthcare and medical cleaning service can be scheduled, daily, weekly, or monthly depending on your needs. Full risk assessments along with health and safety documentation is available on request.

    What services do we offer?

    Vetted and checked NetLet housekeeping cleaning service


    All our medical cleaners have been through a vetting process which includes character references and DBS checks. This is to provide reassurance and trust between us and our clients when carrying out our healthcare cleaning service.



    To make our medical cleaners easy to identify they will be uniformed with a name identification card. This develops a level of reassurance between staff and patients that may interact with our cleans while on site.  

    PPE mask staff cleaning services netlethousekeeping


    It is mandatory practice that all our cleaners wear the correct PPE when entering a medical facility to carry out our cleaning service. On entry to your premises, they will wear either a mask or a shield and use hand gel before entry.



    We provide enough time for the cleaner to thoroughly clean your premises. Our cleaners will release a fogging mist after the clean to eliminate any traces of viral, bacterial, or fungal spores.

    Eco Products NetHousekeeping Cleaning Services Pembrokeshire


    As part of our go-green initiative we only use Eco-friendly cleaning products to carry out your healthcare cleaning services. If additional products are required, our cleaners are happy to use your own products.

    Laundry services netlet housekeeping cleaning services in pembrokeshire


    As part of your service, we offer the launder of uniforms, scrubs and any laundry items you may have. Using our HACCP accredited laundry equipment, each item is processed on a sanitisation program.  

    Commonly Asked Questions

    Here are some of our most asked commonly asked questions about our commercial cleaning services in Pembrokeshire. If you are still looking for information why not try our articles page where we keep you update with the everything cleaning! 

    What is Medical Cleaning?

    The definition for medical or healthcare cleaning is to clean a facility such as hospital, doctors surgery or dentist practice. 

    There are many variations to carry out a healthcare cleaning service. It is important to firstly, understand the initial requirements of the client who would like this service carried out. Each medical facility will have different risk, requirements and health and safety procedures. 

    Depending on what the clients expectations are, will determine how we tailor the cleaning schedule and how the service should be carried out to meet those standards.

    What cleaning supplies do I need?

    When a cleaning service is carried out by a professional in your premises it is standard practice for the cleaning company to supply the cleaning products and basic cleaning equipment required for the task.

    Commonly a cleaning Company will ask the use your own vacuum, mop and bucket as these items can be specific to the materials in the premises as well as reducing the risk of cross-contamination between places.

    If you do not have these items to hand, it would be advised to let your cleaning service provider know before the work is carried out to make sure other arrangements can be made.

    What is a cleaning schedule?

    A cleaning schedule can be defined as a type of schedule or list created for a person who has the role and responsibility to clean within their form of employment or as general Commercial Cleaning tasks.  

    That individual should be using a detailed summary of symbols and colour coded equipment or products required to carry out the allocated mapped cleaning schedule.  

    Within the cleaning schedule it should clearly identify each task along with an allocated time slot as well as tick box for the individual to mark once completed. At the bottom of the schedule, it should have a sign-off section were, once the job is completed, it is signed to confirm that the individual has carried out the correct cleaning schedule to the set standards.   

    How do I get set up?

    The majority of cleaning professionals will bill per hour of the time needed to carry out your medical cleaning service. During your initial consultation with us, we will go through in detail, exactly what your requirements are. 

    Based on the information we gather from our initial meeting we will scope out the time and cost needed to carry out your commercial service. We can provide copies of risk assessments and insurance for your viewing. Additional paperwork needed for the contract should be supplied here.

    You will receive an electronic quote and contract for approval, once approved a housekeeper will be scheduled and briefed ready to begin on your starting date. All billing will be done at the end of the month and can be paid via a BACS payment.

    I contacted Netlet Housekeeping on very short notice and required a housekeeper to help organise my home. I am a working mum and needed a helping hand, I had a quote and a housekeeper arrive that same day.

    A lovely housekeeper called Helen came and helped me organise and clean my home. Helen even went as far as to help me put away and organise my washing. Thanks so much for going that extra mile for me.

    Georgia Richardson

    Fabulous company and great people. You will not find a member of the team who is not helpful and easy to communicate with. Highly recommended.

    Jennifer Wheeler

    Very professional company. All of the staff are very friendly & pricing is extremely well priced for the service they deliver. Couldn't recommend enough. They really will go above and beyond for their customers.

    Joe Izod

    I was let down by my original cleaners very last minute and needed a cleaner ASAP. I phoned and spoke to a lovely lady named Emma who was extremely helpful, and answered all of my questions. They sent a manager out to quote my property that same morning and I had a cleaner in that afternoon. The clean was done to a very high standard and at a very good price rate. I would confidently recommend them and will now be using them weekly for the foreseeable future.

    Mrs M Lewis